Get Longer-Lasting And Sanitizing Solutions At Cost-Effective Rates To Keep Your Family And People Safe

Posted at 28 Jan, 2022

With so many hand sanitizers available in the markets, if you choose to buy alcohol-free hand sanitizers instead of the one containing alcohol as an active germ-fighting ingredient, you stand to gain some unmatched benefits. If consumed accidentally by the kids, it can pose a serious health hazard. Moreover, frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers can dehydrate and irritate your skin. Alcohol is known for its stinging sensation which may averse many people. Alcohol also binds with certain nerve receptors that lower the threshold normally associated with the perception of hotness. Thus, your sensitivity to hot items can be diminished if you use alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Moreover, many people would not like to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers due to religious reasons.

For these shortcomings of alcohol-based sanitizers, people are switching to buy alcohol-free hand sanitizers to keep themselves protected.  SHIELDme is the leading provider from where you can buy alcohol-free hand sanitizers at a cost-effective price.

Benefits of buying alcohol-free hand sanitizers from SHIELDme:

  • 100% natural
  • Kills 99.99% of germs instantly
  • High-level disinfectant (HLD) to kill pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and germs
  • Proven COVID-19 killer
  • Alcohol-free, no-chemicals used
  • Non-irritating, non-corrosive, and non-inflammable
  • Safe for use by children and pregnant women

Automatic hand sanitizers

Your hands are often the first point of contact for contracting the infection. Every time you touch the surfaces used by others also, such as lift buttons, door knobs and reception counters, you run the risk of cross-infection. The problem is solved with the help of automatic hand sanitizers as you need not touch the device to sanitize yourself. Automatic hand sanitizers have sensors that dispense a fixed quantity of sanitizer when you place your hands under it. This way, you won’t have to touch any button to operate the device. You will be able to sanitize yourself without running the risk of any contamination.

Key features of SHIELDme automatic hand sanitizers:

  • No hand touching required
  • Auto dispenses a fixed amount of sanitizer through the proximity sensor
  • Contactless operation
  • Dispenses a standard quantity of 100% natural disinfectant
  • No possibility of cross-contamination
  • Provides you with a truly touchless experience

SHIELDme uses (HOCL) formula that is declared safe as a high-level disinfectant by the FDA. You can buy alcohol-free hand sanitizers from SHIELDme in many varieties that include on-the-go disinfection packages, life care disinfection packages, school protection packages with face shield and face masks, surface disinfectants, and more.

A variety of sanitizing solutions to choose from

Surface disinfectants available at SHIELDme include 500 ml multi-surface, non-toxic disinfectant spray, 100% natural hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant, gym-package of multi-surface disinfectants, fruits and vegetable sanitizer, life-care disinfection package consisting of 100% natural hand sanitizer spray, and disinfection wipes, and more.

You can also shop for UV products from SHIELDme, such as car air disinfection systems, elevator air disinfection systems, and air disinfection systems. These products use ultraviolet (UV) light to kill germs and microbes from the air, making it safe to breathe by all occupants of a household or business establishment. SHIELDme also has sanitizing tunnels for you to shop for that help in preventing epidemic diseases, economical, and designed to provide you with maximum hygiene. SHIELDme’s automatic hand sanitizers and alcohol-free hand sanitizers have found applications in a variety of settings including schools, shopping malls, healthcare facilities, restaurants, public transport, households, reception counters, offices, and more.

Available at all leading online and retail stores

All SHIELDme products are produced fresh on-site, and on-demand. Besides automatic hand sanitizers and alcohol-free hand sanitizers, you can buy many more products from SHILDme that include electric disinfecting fogger, anti-bacterial hand soap, disposable protective suit, powder-free latex disposable gloves, anti-bacterial wipes, non-contact IR thermometer, and more. All these SHIELDme Global products are available at an attractive price at the leading online stores including Kibsons, Noon, Emarat, Amazon, Boots, and Super Care. These SHIELDme automatic hand sanitizers and alcohol-free hand sanitizers are also available at the pharmacies and retail stores near you.