Alcohol-free automatic hand sanitizers to keep your facilities, households and people protected and safe at all times

Posted at 28 Jan, 2022
Alcohol-free automatic hand sanitizers

There has been an increased level of awareness among people about hand hygiene due to the COVID pandemic. Our hands are the first points of contact with others. Hands are also used in eating, so we should ensure that our hands are kept germs-free at all times to eliminate the possibility of getting cross-infection as we might catch up bacteria and viruses from others, or inadvertently provide them a passage to enter our system through the meals and fruits we eat.

As opposed to the traditional methods of sanitization in which one has to press a button or touch the sanitizing machine to gain access to sanitizing solution or spray, automatic hand sanitizers do not require any manual operation, and hence no manual touch. Automatic hand sanitizers come fitted with sensors that automatically spray sanitizer when you put your hands under it. You don’t have to touch a common button which has already been used by numerous other individuals. This way, automatic hand sanitizers eliminate any chances of cross-contamination from other humans. Automatic hand sanitizers can be wall-mounted and placed at prominent places, such as at entrances, outside the washrooms and corridors so that these can be easily spotted and accessed by the people. This increases the possibility of using automatic hand sanitizers by people and family members.

Your facilities will remain sanitized and hence there will be fewer sick leaves by employees. Automatic hand sanitizers can also be installed at homes in kitchens and at the doors of washrooms so that all family members can use them to keep themselves sanitized. This will also keep children, vulnerable adults and pregnant women protected from viral infections

Natural ingredients to keep your skin safe

Alcohol-free hand sanitizers are getting incasing acceptance compared to the ones containing alcohol as an active germ-fighting ingredient as these are considered safer alternatives to alcohol-based sanitizers. People, especially children may ingest alcohol which can cause alcohol poisoning. Moreover, alcohol-based formulations are flammable that makes their usage in buildings a concern. We are required to frequently sanitize our hands throughout the day, repeated use of alcohol-based sanitizers can dehydrate your skin, irritate it and strip away it of its natural, protective oils needed for health skin care. That’s why, people  buy alcohol-free hand sanitizers in preference to alcohol-based.

Benefits of buying alcohol-free hand sanitizers:

  • It contains a safe and non-flammable formula
  • Kills 99.99% germs, bacteria, viruses and microbes
  • Does not dehydrate the skin
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Use of water not required, just rub your hands and let it dry within seconds

Places where automatic hand sanitizers should be used

Once you buy alcohol-free hand sanitizers, you can use them at many locations to keep people safe. These include:

  • Schools, colleges and academic institutes
  • Long-term care centers and nursing homes
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Malls and public areas
  • Reception areas of buildings
  • Day care centers and preschools
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Homes and kitchens

More products and devices for you

If you are looking to buy alcohol-free hand sanitizers, you should choose a trusted brand, such as SHIELDme, which is a leading supplier of a variety of sanitizing solutions and devices, such as surface disinfectants, foggers, antibacterial wipes, anti-bacterial hand soap, automatic dispensers, face mask and face shield, sanitizing tunnels and UV products. The company also provides natural fruit & vegetable sanitizers, natural kids hand sanitizer spray, gym package for multi-surface disinfection, school protection package with face shield and face mask, life-care disinfection packages and more.

SHIELDme sanitizing products are effective in eliminating a variety of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and spores. The products are produced fresh, on-site, on-demand, and are safe for humans and the environment as these do not contain any harsh or harmful chemicals.  Non-alcoholic, 100% natural, non-toxic and non-corrosive products by SHIELDme contain HOCL, or hypochlorus acid, which is naturally produced in human body, and hence the products are skin-friendly and be safely used by children and pregnant women.

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You can buy alcohol-free hand sanitizers, automatic hand sanitizers and other sanitizing disinfecting solutions and devices from the leading online and retail stores near you, such as Amazon, Aster Pharmacy, Carrefour, ENOC, Super-Care Pharmacy, Lulu, Kibsons and more. When you buy alcohol-free hand sanitizers from SHIELDme, you can be assured of their safety as the products are pH neutral, gentle on skin, fast-acting, are easy and safe to apply, requiring no special handling procedures or safety equipment.