Keep your kids safe, healthy and hearty with eco-friendly hand sanitizers

Posted at 01 Jul, 2021

Germs are everywhere, and your kids touch everything. Especially, during a pandemic, it is a good idea that your kids have easy access to the best sanitizers at all times, so that their dirty fingers do not end up in helping germs and viruses make way into their body through their mouth and nose. These viruses and germs can get into your kids’ hands and items they touch during daily activities and thus make them sick. Hand sanitizers for kids were scarce at the beginning of the pandemic but they are now more widely available. Along with masks, best sanitizers for babies can be an important tool in protecting them from the infection of coronavirus, and other flu-like illnesses.

But a lot of regular hand sanitizers can smell too strong at all times, or leave your kids’ hands tasting bitter. Some sanitizers may also contain chemical ingredients that trigger asthma in children. SHIELDme’s best sanitizers for kids do not smell like a distillery, and do not clump like some other commercial sanitizers. The alcohol-free formulations of these best sanitizers for babies safely and gently cleanse and kill 99.9% of all microorganisms, bacteria, viruses including COVID-19, fungi, microbes and molds. These best sanitizers for babies begin to work immediately as soon they are applied. Their effectiveness, however, can depend on other factors also, such as how much hand sanitizer is applied, the specific infectious agents present in your child’s hands, and how often it is applied.

Suitable to work on a variety of settings

The SHIELDme best sanitizers for babies are especially helpful in settings where compliance with hand hygiene is poor, such as elementary schools. Some of the best sanitizers for babies that you can consider using to ensure the safety of your babies during the pandemic and beyond include SHIELDme natural kids hand sanitizer spray – No alcohol for girls, SHIELDme kids hand sanitizer spray – No alcohol, for boys, SHIELDme school protection package, SHIELDme lifecare protection package, SHIELDme gym package for multi-surface disinfection, SHIELDme natural hand sanitizer – No alcohol, and many more.

These best sanitizers for babies by SHIELDme work on a variety of settings, including households, daycare centers, schools, supermarkets and healthcare clinics. As SHIELDme’s best sanitizers for babies are alcohol-free, they contain disinfectants and antimicrobial agents to immediately and persistently neutralize viruses, bacteria, microbes and germs from the hands and bodies of your children.  These best sanitizers for babies are made from all-natural and harmless ingredients. The alcohol-free SHIELDme best sanitizers for babies keep your babies’ hands conditioned and clean of all harmful viruses and bacteria, and do not leave any residue of alcohol as these best baby sanitizers do not contain any alcohol that may hydrate their skin.

Safe for repeated regular use

These SHIELDme best sanitizers for babies are tough on germs, bacteria and viruses, while gentle on the tender skin of your kids. These are specially formulated for regular repeat use by the kids without drying out their hands as your kids keep touching everything including their mouth and nose throughout the day that makes them more prone to catch up infection easily. The sanitizers do not emit smell like a distillery, which is common with alcohol-based sanitizers used by adults. Besides kids, these best sanitizers are safe for use by all family members.

Offering a range of complete sanitization solutions

All SHIELDme best sanitizers for babies are effective in killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, and are safe for use on the softer skin of kids, and cause no harmful effects on their respiratory system and environment. The products can be used around kids to keep them protected from the surrounding contaminants.

SHIELDme products use only natural elements that have repeatedly been proven to be lethal against a wide variety of pathogens and microbes. SHIELDme sanitization products are produced fresh, onsite, on-demand, and safe for humans and the environment. SHIELDme utilizes the highest specially designed and controlled production systems to produce sanitization products of the highest quality. Besides, the best sanitizers for babies, SHIELDme Global also offers a comprehensive range of disinfecting and sanitizing solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial uses, such as foggers, UV products, automatic dispensers, sanitizing tunnels, antibacterial wipes, face masks and face shields, and a lot more. All SHIELDme products are available at Amazon and the other leading online and retail stores near you.