SHIELDme Global Best Sanitizers for Pregnant Women

Posted at 05 Apr, 2021

Best sanitizers for pregnant women for additional risk reduction of cross-transmission of viruses and germs 

With so many things to do to prepare for the arrival of a new child, soon-to-moms have to take a lot of care related to their personal hygiene. The need to staying safe and healthy is incredibly crucial for pregnant women. Even before coronavirus, pregnant women were worried about germs. But now with the COVID-19, the concern is at the highest level.

Pregnant women should avoid alcohol entirely during pregnancy or while trying to conceive, including the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers as a pregnant woman may breathe the sanitizer in while it is drying on their hands, and harm the fetus. Alcohol consumption by pregnant women is well documented to cause fetal alcohol syndrome, while lower levels of alcohol during pregnancy through frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers may also result in adverse effects on the developing neurologic system of the fetus. When an alcohol-based sanitizer is used, its small amount can be absorbed by the skin and can enter the user’s bloodstream. The amount of alcohol absorbed will increase with multiple uses of alcohol-based hand sanitizers throughout the day.


Mitigating the risk for pregnant women

Best sanitizers for pregnant women have no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) as these contain no-alcohol and made with all-natural ingredients. Frequency and quality of hand hygiene are as important as the sanitizer itself when it comes to safety and reducing the risk of cross-transmission by pregnant women. For additional risk reduction to pregnant women and their unborn child, they should consider using alcohol-free hand sanitizers.

Hand sanitizers fill in as an appropriate option when there is no access to water or insufficient time to wash hands completely. SHIELDme Global has come up with some of the legitimate hand-hygiene solutions in the form of best sanitizers for pregnant women they can safely use when they conceive.


Salient features and benefits of SHIELDme sanitizers for pregnant women:

  • 100% natural, non-alcoholic and non-irritating
  • Kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and spores
  • FDA-approved high level disinfectant that contain super-oxidized water plus hypochlorous acid (HOCL)
  • Doesn’t affect quality of indoor air quality unlike chemical-based products
  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic, contains no chemicals or bleach, and no harmful side effects
  • pH neutral, gentle and non-irritating
  • Safe for humans yet lethal against all of pathogens
  • Safe for use by pregnant women and kids
  • Causes no respiratory irritation
  • Easy and safe to apply, requiring no special handling procedures or safety equipment
  • Provides you with more pleasant looking and smoother hands
  • Doesn’t pollute air against other chemically-made products. Instead, it upgrades the air quality by cleaning all harmful elements and keeping it clean and safe to breathe for pregnant women and their babies
  • Available at Amazon, all leading online stores and nearby store


Choose among the best sanitizers for pregnant women

SHIELDme’s natural hand sanitizer spray for girls is alcohol-free, and contains no irritating chemicals. SHIELDme hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant is a 100% natural best sanitizer for pregnant women which is suitable for use on hands and all types of surfaces around pregnant women. SHIELDme Life Care Disinfectant Package contains alcohol-free, high level hand sanitizer and disinfectant for all use, along with wipes canisters. SHIELDme 100 ml natural hand sanitizer is one of the best high-level spray type multi-use sanitizers for pregnant women which is made from all-natural products that are ecofriendly and harmless. SHIELDme natural fruits & vegetables sanitizer spray is a food-grade high level sanitizer that doesn’t contain any alcohol or harsh chemicals. The product is DM approved and certified by NSF International.


Fresh, on-demand and cost-effective sanitizers for pregnant women

SHIELDme has come up with many more alcohol-free hand sanitizers and natural high-level disinfectants that are considered among the best sanitizers for pregnant women as these can effectively eradicate a variety of pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and spores. SHIELDme produces fresh, and on-demand best sanitizers for pregnant women that are cost-effective, and human and environmentally safe. SHIELDme uses the finest materials and components while manufacturing the best sanitizers for pregnant women, including organic, safe disinfectants. SHIELDme has also come up with disposable gloves, face shields, hand wipes and PPE kits to mitigate the risk of viruses and other similar viruses for pregnant women. The best sanitizers for pregnant women available at SHIELDme kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria found on human skin, surfaces and crowded place surroundings.

All these alcohol-free best sanitizers for pregnant women by SHIELDme are available on Amazon and other leading multi-chain retailers.