SHIELDme Global Best Sanitizers for skin irritation and eczema

Posted at 30 May, 2021

Stock up on the best sanitizers for eczema and skin irritation that maintain skin’s barrier integrity while practicing good hand hygiene

Proper sanitization is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, including flu-like illnesses and COVID-19. Hand washing can certainly reduce the transmission of infection but those doing it multiple times each day, such as healthcare workers, can develop irritation, rashes and eczema due to repetitive handwashing.

Moreover, when you have skin conditions like eczema or irritation, frequent handwashing can lead to itchiness, cracked skin and infection. Many people may experience symptoms such as redness, blister formation, chronic skin thickening, and flaking, while pain may also occur. These symptoms usually occur in the areas between fingers and the back of hands as the skin at these areas is thinner compared to the palm which is thicker. These symptoms become worse during the dry, cold winter months.

Respiratory illnesses and skin rashes may increase due to harsh chemicals

Another form of eczema that may worsen due to handwashing is pompholyx that occurs on the palm and fingers, and can occur due to allergies or stress. It often results in small bumps and blisters along the sides of fingers. Some biological treatments can also suppress the immune system in people with eczema, thereby increasing their risk of flu, COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses and cold sores.

To prevent eczema while practice good hand hygiene is important. People who are prone to developing skin irritation, eczema or dermatitis flare-ups should use the best sanitizer for eczema that can prevent eczema flare-ups.

Handwashing and the use of alcohol-based sanitizers

The use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers may cause additional symptoms such as burning and stinging, because the skin is already irritated and broken. Alcohol-based sanitizers should be used when disinfection is the goal, not sanitization. Hand-washing with soap and water should occur when hands are visibly dirty, and not simply to disinfect the hands.

Maintaining the integrity of your skin barrier 

Under the circumstances of the current pandemic, you may have easy access to alcohol-based sanitizers that use harsh chemicals, and may cause you skin irritation, rashes and eczema. You should only look for the best sanitizers for eczema and best sanitizers for skin irritation that could keep your skin hydrated and also maintain the integrity of the skin barrier. Improper hand cleaning using synthetic sanitizers can also exacerbate other skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. Repetitive use of such products can strip your skin’s top layer of proteins, leading to a compromise of the skin barrier and hence increasing your risk of skin infection. Frequently washing hands with soap can also have a drying effect as it reduces the skin’s natural oils when evaporated, thus impairing the skin barrier.

Even with individuals with healthy skin, the use of synthetic sanitizers and frequent handwashing with soap can cause their skin to dry and crack. So, you should look for the best sanitizers for eczema and best sanitizers for skin irritation that do not cause harmful effects of these synthetic sanitizers, and reduce the associated skin drying and dehydration effects.

Natural products for people with sensitive skin, irritation and eczema

SHIELDme has brought an extensive range of all natural, best sanitizers for skin irritation and best sanitizers for eczema for the benefit of people who are sensitive to different alcohol-based sanitizers available in the markets. Some of the best sanitizers for eczema and best sanitizer for skin irritation available at SHIELDme include SHIELDme natural hand sanitizer spray, SHIELDme hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant, SHIELDme natural kids hand sanitizer, SHIELDme On the Go Disinfection package, SHIELDme gym package of multiple surface disinfectant and natural hand sanitizer, SHIELDme natural fruits & vegetables sanitizer spray, and a lot many more.

Skin-friendly and harmless disinfectants

All these SHIELDme products can get you rid of 99.9% of all germs, viruses, bacteria, microbes and molds, including coronavirus. These best sanitizer for skin irritation and best sanitizer for eczema contain high level disinfectant (HLD) which is a 100% natural, skin-friendly disinfectant that keeps your skin soft and nourished, as it has no harsh chemicals or alcohol components. The sanitizers require less time than handwashing, and will leave you with more pleasant-looking and soother hands.

SHIELDme high level sprays are safe for pregnant women, kids, newborn babies, and pets. SHIELDme best sanitizer for eczema, SHIELDme best sanitizer for skin irritation, and other products are produced fresh, onsite, on-demand and safe for humans and the environment. All SHIELDme products are non-irritating, non-corrosive, eco-friendly and harmless. We utilize specially-designed and controlled production system to produce the sanitizers for skin irritation and sanitizers for eczema that are of the best quality, and made only from 100% natural and certified ingredients.

A variety of sanitization and disinfection products to meet various user requirements

Other sanitization and disinfection products available at SHIELDme include SHIELDme UV sterilizer, foggers, automatic dispenser, face mask and face shield, antibacterial wipes, sanitizing tunnels and more. SHIELDme Global has come up with an extensive range of disinfection and sanitization products to meet various requirements of households, schools, colleges, hospitals, individuals, boys and girls, public-facing businesses, offices malls and areas with a large public footfall. HLD-based SHIELDme products can also be used to clean walls, window curtains, blinds and patient care areas when these surfaces are visibly contaminated. All these SHIELDme products are available at Amazon, and other leading online stores and retail chains.