Disinfectant Tunnel for Offices

Are you an office manager based in Dubai who’s been struggling to find a truly efficient way to safeguard your workplace for employees and clients alike?

If that accurately describes your current predicament, then the perfect answer is a disinfectant tunnel for offices from SHIELDme. You can get in touch with us at your earliest convenience by e-mailing info@shieldmeglobal.com!

A Reliable Disinfectant Tunnel for Offices, Big or Small

SHIELDme wants to make sure that all commercial clients in Dubai have an affordable and efficient method for upgrading their cleaning procedures. Following the Coronavirus situation, people have been looking for new ways to safeguard their properties and it’s easy to understand why.

Office environments in Dubai are obviously commonplace but the downside is that you have many people working together daily, in very close proximity to one another. For this reason, there is no better solution than our innovatively designed disinfectant tunnels for offices.

All you need to do is place one of our office disinfectant tunnels at the entrance of your building, so you won’t have to worry about people getting sick and spreading germs around the workplace. This way, your employees and clients can all feel completely safe and get back to business as usual!

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Reliable Protection Against Harmful Viruses Thanks to Our Disinfectant Tunnel for Offices

So, what exactly are disinfectant tunnels for offices, how do they operate and what makes SHIELDme’s new units so special? They are essentially tall framed archways that all come with an integrated hydraulic system.

This enables the seamless fogging of our natural disinfectant that will wipe away the vast majority of known viruses. The light fog will be sprayed through specialist nozzles that have been equally distributed on a hose-line inside the tunnel.

Sanitizing Tunnel for Hotels

The Best Disinfectant Tunnel for Offices in Dubai

Get one of our disinfectant tunnels for offices and you won’t have to worry about a complicated setup process and following a thick manual to figure out the programming. Our units come fully assembled from the factory and consist of:

  • All Spray Nozzles and Fittings
  • Diaphragm Pump
  • Control Panel to Easily Set Timers
  • Motion Sensors
  • Natural Disinfectant Liquid
  • Hygienic Anti-Slip Floor Mat

The liquid found inside our office disinfectant tunnels is versatile and completely natural, which makes it unique on the modern market. You may already know that finding a cleaning product with no alcohol or harmful chemicals in the ingredients list is a hard task.

Instead of these toxic ingredients, our solution utilizes hypochlorous acid – sometimes referred to by the acronym HOCl, which is produced by our bodies naturally to fight off infections. Your disinfectant tunnel for offices will already be filled with our sanitizer.

Therefore – because HOCl is fully natural – our disinfectant liquid is completely safe to use. This will be true for even the most vulnerable groups of people. The elderly, young children, pregnant women and people with sensitive skin will all be able to use our products without having to worry about negative side effects – there simply won’t be any!

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Reasons to Buy One of Our Office Disinfectant Tunnels in Dubai

All you need to do is step inside the archway, get sprayed by the nozzles and walk into your building afterwards. The entire process is very quick, while providing complete protection against the majority of pathogens that would otherwise pose a significant health risk to people.

Get in Touch with SHIELDme to Order A Disinfectant Tunnel for Offices

Are you now convinced beyond any doubt that you need a disinfectant tunnel for offices? You can easily place an order with us by e-mailing info@shieldmeglobal.com – we’ll be in touch shortly with a confirmation!