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The hub of office life has dissipated in the UAE following the outbreak of Covid 19, with many being forced to close. To prepare your office for a return to a new way of functioning, SHIELDme has developed a high-level disinfectant that is 100% natural and safe. From organic hand sanitizer to sanitizing tunnels, we have a range of equipment designed to keep your offices safe for employees.

All Natural Disinfectant and Sanitizer Solutions

Many businesses in the UAE will need to implement measures in line with Covid 19 office re-opening guidelines before allowing employees to return to work. With SHIELDme high quality sanitizer spray, face protection, and other products, employers and their staff can create a productive working space. 

Read on to discover the type of safe equipment our SHIELDme experts have developed and how our non-toxic disinfectant adheres to Covid 19 office safety measures. By using our applications, your workplace will be ready for the UAE’s “new normal”.

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How Do I Reopen My Office?

Many office workers across the UAE and beyond have been forced to work remotely due to the spread of Covid 19. Now, employers across the country are trying to devise a plan that will allow their staff to return to the workplace in a safe manner. Here at SHIELDme, we have a team of experts that have developed a wide array of solutions that will adhere to Covid 19 office re-opening guidelines.

Our high-level disinfectant has been proven to instantly kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, spores, fungus and other unwanted germs. What makes our formula the best disinfectant around is that it is 100% natural. A mixture of super oxidized water and hypochlorous acid (HOCI) forms a non-toxic disinfectant that is FDA approved.


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There is no danger of our hand sanitizer spray or sanitizing tunnels causing problems for yourself or your employees as the formula is free from chemicals. The all-natural disinfectant has no traces of alcohol and it is non corrosive, so your desks, chairs and other office surfaces will remain in good condition. These elements mean that all citizens within the UAE can use this high-level disinfectant without problems; from families to pregnant women.

The extensive range developed by SHIELDme allows offices across the UAE to source all of their safety equipment from one place.

Below, we have outlined specific SHIELDme equipment that would ensure Covid 19 office safety for employers and employees.

There are specific products that would be hugely beneficial to an office area, but we have created a line of products that caters to an array of industries. Within the selection you can find the following:

Disinfecting Foggers

Face Shields

KN95 Filtering Face Piece Respirators

Disposable Examination Nitrile Gloves

PPE Protection Kit

Disposable Protective Suit

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Ensure Safety of Office Staff with Non-Contact Thermometers

For businesses in the United Arab Emirates that run office spaces, it is advisable that you equip yourself with SHIELDme items that can be used quickly and effectively. One of the main symptoms of Covid 19 is a high fever, and we have a Non-Contact IR Thermometer that can check every employee’s temperature. The handheld device is a medical tool that checks temperatures via a person’s forehead, and it works swiftly. In fact, it takes just one second to obtain an accurate temperature measurement.

This particular device would certainly adhere to Covid 19 office re-opening guidelines as you will be able to discover if any of your staff are showing symptoms. Depending on the size of your offices, you could implement a system in which each member of staff has their temperature checked by the no-touch technology upon entering the building. Due to the handheld nature, it could also be used to check temperatures over the course of a day.

The smart built-in alarm system will trigger if someone is deemed to have a high temperature, instantly encouraging a response. If this becomes the case in your offices, then it is advisable that the individual is sent home to prevent from infecting their colleagues. Rest assured that the Non-Contact IR Thermometer is safe to use on all ages.

If you would like to consider another option, then the SHIELDme Tower should be on your list. This system includes an Automatic Hand Disinfecting Dispenser, and a Touchless Temperature Measurement device that detects body temperature. By implementing these in your offices in the UAE, you will be providing safe hand sanitizer for your employees and a way to control the risk of infection.

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A Natural Disinfectant Spray to Fight Off Viruses

As you will now be aware of, SHIELDme has developed a vast array of products and technologies designed to keep public and private spaces hygienic and germ-free. Plenty of this equipment is suitable for offices in the United Arab Emirates, but if you want something simple then we provide the best disinfectant spray.

If you have been asking yourself ‘how do I re-open my office?’ then our non-toxic disinfectant spray will go a long way to help.

By implementing a new cleaning regime, you can spray the natural disinfectant on all of your office surfaces, ensuring that they are ready for use. By stocking up on bottles of our sanitizer spray or natural disinfectant wipes, you can keep surfaces germ-free throughout the day.

Plus, installing our Automatic Hand Sanitizers will allow employees to keep their hands clean during working hours. You can fit them in all corners of the building, including:

  • Corridors
  • Entrances
  • Washrooms
  • Staircases
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Other Measures for Your Covid 19 Office Re-opening Guidelines

In many office blocks in the UAE, there are common areas for staff, so you may want to re-open your office with a Covid 19 kitchen checklist. Rather than having stainless steel cutlery, provide disposable ones to limit the risk of infection. In addition to this, ensure that frequently touched items, such as cupboard handles and drawer handles are cleaned frequently with SHIELDme’s non-toxic disinfectant.

It is also advisable to rearrange your desk space if the tables are not 2 meters apart, as this will comply with social distancing measures. If your particular office in the UAE is small, then it may be beneficial for you to alternate the staff that come in on any given day. Perhaps half of your employees can be in the office for half of the week and the remainder for the second half of the week.

There are many different measures that you can take when it comes to keeping your office hygienic but SHIELDme’s all-natural disinfectant will be crucial to maintaining a germ-free space. Your priority is to make sure that your staff are in a safe environment, so by applying disinfectant spray regularly on desks, keyboards, door handles, staircases, etc., your office will be equipped to fight off any viruses!

Our experts at SHIELDme have created a formula that is safe for all to use, including pregnant women. There are no risks of side effects or irritants, so your business can function as best as normal in this new way of living.