Getting malls ready for shoppers

Shopping is one of the ways in which people choose to relax, and with an array of malls in the UAE, there are a wealth of stores to browse in. Now, though, the world is looking slightly different following the outbreak of Covid 19, but with SHIELDme’s all natural disinfectant, we can prepare your retail outlet for a safe re-opening.

Non-Toxic Disinfectant and Safe Sanitizer Solutions

Independent shops and retail malls in the UAE are desperate for solutions as they try to navigate themselves through the ‘new normal’. SHIELDme boasts a range of organic hand sanitizer, sanitizing tunnels and face protection designed to combat viruses. This will allow your store to re-open safely.

Continue reading to discover how our experts at SHIELDme have created the best disinfectant available, free from alcohol and chemicals. Our formula instantly kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and other germs! Below, you can find out more information about our range of safe equipment and products.

SHIELDme Path 2425-min

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SHIELDme 100ml-min

High Level Disinfectant & Sanitizer - 100ML Spray Type

Spray Type Sanitizer, Pocket size

100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS.

Perfect for Disinfecting Hands, Papers, Mobile, Laptops, PCs, Bags & all personal goods.

AED 19.00


SHIELDme 500ml-min

High Level Disinfectant & Sanitizer - 500ML

Effective in germs, bacteria, viruses and fungus prevention at 99.99%

100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS.

Safe for new born babies, pregnant women and pets.

AED 39.00 AED 35.10
SHIELDme 1L-min

High Level Disinfectant & Sanitizer - 1L

Effective in germs, bacteria, viruses and fungus prevention at 99.99%

100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS

Safe for new born babies, pregnant women and pets.

AED 59.00
SHIELDme 5L-min

High Level Disinfectant & Sanitizer - 5L

Neutral with pH and free of alcohol, fragrance and preservatives.

100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS

Safe for new born babies, pregnant women and pets.

AED 199.00
SHIELDme 250ml-min

High Level Disinfectant & Sanitizer - 250ML Spray Bottle

Effective in germs, bacteria, viruses and fungus prevention at 99.99%

100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS.

Safe for new born babies, pregnant women and pets.

AED 28.00

Disinfection Fogging Spray Machine

12 Liters Capacity & 10 Liters SHIELDme Natural Disinfectant

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Preparing your store







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How Do I Reopen My Store?

Following the emergence of Covid 19, the globe has been forced into adapting to a new way of living. In the United Arab Emirates, measures have been taken to limit the spread of the virus, which has had a significant impact on businesses in the retail industry. With citizens being forced to stay home, many retail outlets have had to close their doors. Now, though, SHIELDme can help in providing you with high-level disinfectant that adheres to Covid 19 store re-opening guidelines.

We have developed a formula of super oxidized water plus Hypochlorous acid (HOCI) that instantly eradicates viruses, bacteria, fungus, spores and other germs. Our FDA-approved substance is the best disinfectant available, and we have incorporated it into numerous products and equipment.

SHIELDme safe-min
SHIELDme eco-friendly-min
SHIELDme non-alcoholic-min
SHIELDme natural-min
SHIELDme kills-bacteria-min
KILLS 99.9% OF
SHIELDme mall-wide

From hand sanitizer spray and sanitizing tunnels to natural disinfectant wipes and a disinfectant fogger, we have products that will help keep your store safe from infection. There is no need for retail businesses in the UAE to look elsewhere as our non-toxic disinfectant does not have a shred of alcohol or chemicals within it. Being 100% natural means that it is eco-friendly and does not produce any side effects.

Our formula here at SHIELDme is entirely safe for all to use, from families to pregnant women, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that all of your retail staff and customers are protected. As washing hands is a simple but effective way to warn off any viruses, our organic hand sanitizer is a must-have for your store. It can be supplied for staff use as well as for shoppers entering your facility.

With an array of products and equipment available, we can provide all natural disinfectant to various industries across the United Arab Emirates. Below, we have outlined a few specific items that we feel would go a long way in meeting Covid 19 store safety.

As well as our safe sand sanitizer, we also provide the following products and equipment:

Medical Face Shields

KN95 Filtering Face Piece Respirators

Emergency Response PPE Kits

Disposable Protective Suit

Non-Contact IR Thermometer

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser

SHIELDme shape-min

Sanitizing Tunnels Perfectly Designed for Shopping Malls

The UAE boasts a wide range of retail outlets full of designer and traditional stores. On a normal day these shopping malls would experience plenty of footfall, but in this current climate, busy malls and outlets are a breeding ground for viruses. With this in mind, our experts at SHIELDme, can provide top-of-the-range sanitizing tunnels, which incorporate a disinfectant fogger mechanism.

This system is designed to fit in with Covid 19 store re-opening guidelines as it is built to remove any trace of viruses or bacteria from individuals when they enter the passageway. Given the amount of people that tend to frequent retail outlets, it is essential that sanitizing tunnels are installed at every entrance.

By doing this, the integrated hydraulic system within the tunnels will spray high-level disinfectant in either mist or fog form as each person enters the passageway. Spray nozzles are fitted along a hose line inside the tunnel and they release the all natural disinfectant once the motion sensors detect a person walking through. Beneath the sanitizing tunnels are collection trays that gather the disinfectant liquid throughout the course of the day.

Rest assured that our non-toxic disinfectant is safe for all individuals, as well as safe for the environment, so you don’t have to worry about irritants or side effects. Installing SHIELDme’s sanitizing tunnels means that any individual that accesses the shopping mall will have traces of bacteria wiped away, ensuring safety for themselves and fellow shoppers. The two types of tunnels that we manufacture are fog and mist, but they both boast the following features:

  • 100 liters
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser at Entrance
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Pan on 360 degree Spinner Wheel
SHIELDme Electric-Cold-Foggers-min

A Disinfectant Fogger to Cover Your Store Floor

For individual stores in the UAE, it is essential that measures are put in place to allow customers to browse freely while also adhering to safety rules. Here at SHIELDme, our range of products come equipped with the best disinfectant spray on the market, and we boast various applications. For example, we have two types of disinfectant fogger that will become an essential item for your stores, including an electric cold fogger.

Both foggers boast the best disinfectant spray available, and it can cover wide distances of 6-8 meters at any one time. For retail stores, these highly efficient systems are ideal as you can apply strong disinfectant to all areas of your floor, fighting off any threat of viruses or bacteria. What’s more is that our disinfectant fogger works quickly, so you can cover the entirety of your store in a short amount of time.

It is advisable that you complete the fogging process before opening and after each day to ensure that the floor is ready for new customers. Rest assured that our all natural disinfectant is 100% safe for humans and the environment.

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Additional Measures for Covid 19 Store Re-opening Guidelines

As well as installing SHIELDme sanitizing tunnels and using a disinfectant fogger, retail outlets can benefit from a range of our other products, including automatic hand sanitizers. By installing these around your store or shopping mall with clear instructions for customers, it will encourage shoppers to use our organic hand sanitizer. You could add them to the entrances and exits of your store as well as on designated walls or pillars within your retail outlet.

If you have been asking yourself ‘how do I re-open my store?’ then the measures we have mentioned will go a long way in fighting off the threat of viruses. Our 100% natural disinfectant is essential for your business, but you can also implement additional measures, such as map out a one-way system so that customers don’t cross paths. Also, you could introduce a booking system so that you don’t have too many shoppers in your store at one time.

Also, if customers have touched items and decide not to purchase, clean them with our eco- friendly disinfectant spray and do not return them to the shop floor for 24 hours. All of these measures are designed to make your store in the UAE ready for customers.