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The outbreak of COVID-19 in the United Arab Emirates has meant that all citizens have had to make significant lifestyle changes.

One such measure that has been adopted worldwide is the frequent washing of hands. To help make this task easier, we at SHIELDme have developed our hand sanitizer dispenser. You can learn more about this handy unit today by emailing our team at info@shieldmeglobal.com

Supplier of Easy to Use Automatic Disinfectant Dispensers

Here at SHIELDme, we’ve been hard at work over the past six months developing sanitization solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic. One such piece of equipment that we’ve developed to help people keep clean and healthy is the hand sanitizer dispenser. Read on to learn more about this product, as well as some of our other disinfectant equipment.

At SHIELDme, our team have worked tirelessly to create a range of effective sanitization equipment for citizens of the UAE. Our team have developed a 100% natural disinfectant formula, which is made up of super oxidized water and hypochlorous acid (HOCI). Mixing these two components results in a high strength solution that is used in much of our equipment.

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Keep Yourself Clean and Healthy with the SHIELDme Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

One of the most important measures citizens of the UAE have implemented into their everyday lives is washing their hands frequently. However, this task can be challenging as there is not always easy access to soap and hot water. To make keeping your hands clean easier, we at SHIELDme have developed a range of sanitization solutions, including our automatic disinfectant dispensers.

Our hand sanitizer dispenser is a small and versatile unit that can be fitted onto any surface with ease. The dispenser is filled with our all-natural sanitization formula, which will kill instantly up to 99.9% of bacteria on hands. This sanitizer is dispensed as a gel and is non-corrosive, so it can be rubbed into hands easily without causing any unwanted side effects, such as skin irritation.

We’ve made sure that our automatic disinfectant dispensers are contactless so that users don’t have to touch any buttons unnecessarily. This feature reduces the chances of infection spreading, as different people aren’t directly touching the same point of contact. We’ve put such features in place to ensure that our unit is safe for all to use.

To ensure that our disinfectant solution is readily available, you should place the hand sanitizer dispenser units in as many accessible places as possible. Some recommended areas where you can have it fitted include:

  • Dining Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Entranceways
  • Corridors
  • Receptions

Why Come to Us for Sanitization Equipment?

At SHIELDme, we want to ensure that our clients are getting the best sanitization products possible. It is for this reason that we make sure that all of our items are crafted using the finest materials available, including our hand sanitizer dispenser units. Our focus on delivering quality to clients in the UAE is what makes us a first choice supplier of disinfectant equipment.

While most of our focus is on the development of sanitization equipment, we’ve also produced a range of protective products for clients. We believe it is just as important to prevent harmful bacteria from entering your system through vulnerable points as it is to disinfect hands and surfaces. As such, we’ve produced items such as PPE kits, disposable gloves, face shields, and much more.

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If you’d like to learn more about our hand sanitizer dispenser or would like to purchase some units for your premises, be sure to call us at SHIELDme today. Our staff are always willing to discuss our services in more detail, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. You can reach us now by emailing info@shieldmeglobal.com, where we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.