The demand for high strength sanitization products has continued to increase in the wake of COVID-19, as United Arab Emirates citizens are looking to keep themselves healthy.

To help combat the spread of viruses, we at SHIELDme have developed a 100% natural sanitizer that is made from a mix of super oxidized water and HOCI. To inquire further about our formula, send an email to our team at info@shieldmeglobal.com

An Organic Sanitizer Made From 100% Natural Components

The importance of sanitization has never been more prominent than it is now during the current pandemic crisis. Citizens from countries all over the world have had to change their lifestyles in order to adapt to the ‘new normal’. We at SHIELDme recognize how difficult this process has been, which is why we’ve tried to make things easier through the introduction of our all-natural sanitizer containing HOCI.

Our experts have developed an impressive range of sanitization products and equipment to help UAE citizens clean their homes and workplaces sufficiently. The disinfectant we’ve produced, which contains hypochlorous acid, is used in much of our equipment to kill bacteria effectively. Our experts have developed each product accordingly to meet the needs of homeowners and businesses.

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An All-Natural Sanitizer Composed of Super Oxidized Water and HOCI

To combat the spread of COVID-19 throughout the UAE, the team at SHIELDme have developed a high strength sanitizer. The formula we’ve created is a mix of super oxidized water and HOCI, both of which are natural components. When combined, this solution can instantly kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, making it perfect for sanitizing hands, surfaces, and objects.

Our expertly created organic sanitizer has a number of benefits, some of which include:

  • All-Natural Components
  • Non-Corrosive
  • No Irritation
  • No Chemicals or Alcohol

As our sanitizer is made up only of natural components, such as HOCI, it will leave users with no unwanted side effects. Our experts have made sure that no artificial chemicals or alcohol are mixed into our solution, making our sanitizer 100% safe for human use. Even people in more vulnerable categories such as pregnant women and the elderly can take advantage of our all-natural disinfectant.

For maximum effectiveness, with regards to killing bacteria, all of our disinfectant equipment makes use of our organic sanitizer. Whether you’re using our sanitizing tunnels, disinfectant foggers, or automatic disinfectant dispensers, you’ll be taking advantage of our high-strength formula. Our sanitizer is dispensed as either a vapor, spray, or gel for your convenience, and will still deliver the same exceptional results.

Why Choose SHIELDme’s Hypochlorous Acid Sanitizer?

At SHIELDme, we’ve made your safety our priority since the start of the pandemic. Our team have made sure that all of our sanitization products are of the highest quality so that citizens are able to keep themselves healthy. It is for this reason that we’ve only included natural components, such as HOCI, in our sanitization formula, to ensure that our solution is of a high enough strength.

As well as our sanitizer containing hypochlorous acid, we also have a range of protective products available for citizens of the UAE. Our team have produced masks, disposable gloves, face shields, bodysuits, and more, all to keep people safe during this pandemic and beyond. When it comes to the spread of infections, you can never be too careful, which is why we are a trusted choice for first-class protective equipment.

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If you’re interested in our 100% natural sanitizer and would like to learn more about how it can be applied, then be sure to contact us at SHIELDme today. Our team are always willing to go through our services in more detail, as well as discuss the properties of our sanitization formula, including HOCI. Clients in the United Arab Emirates can email us today at info@shieldmeglobal.com if they have any queries.