HOCL Alcohol Free Spray

Are you looking to protect your customers and employees from harmful pathogens? Or are you a homeowner looking to create a safer environment for you and your family?

Throughout Dubai, individuals and businesses alike are realizing the benefits of using our patented SHIELDme™ technologies. The crown jewel in our range is our excellent formula, which comprises our HOCL alcohol free spray. For more information, read on or email us at info@shieldmeglobal.com.

Introducing Our 100% Organic HOCL Alcohol Free Sanitizer

First, what exactly is HOCL? HOCL is the chemical formula for hypochlorous acid, a naturally occurring substance that our bodies produce to fight off infection. As one of the only 100% organic disinfectant and sanitizer products available, our formula makes full use of HOCL. You won’t find a drop of alcohol and no pesky chemicals. This makes our HOCL alcohol free spray both kind to your skin and completely harmless, even if ingested.

But how effective is it at eradicating harmful pathogens? The answer is – extremely! Our all-natural disinfectant and sanitizer can kill instantly up to 99.99% of the following:






Whether you’re wiping down a surface, sanitizing your hands between meals, sanitizing a person entering a building, or cleansing an entire room, we have the product for you. A few examples include our sanitizing tunnels and fever detection devices – perfect for keeping public spaces free of the virus. And with our electric fogging machines, our HOCL alcohol free spray can be vaporized and dispersed throughout even large open spaces.

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The Only All-Natural Disinfectant You Need

No matter the setting, be it personal or commercial, our product is the one you want to be using. It’s highly effective at eradicating most known harmful pathogens. And because it contains hypochlorous acid and super oxidized water and no chemicals, there won’t be any nasty side effects. It can be safely used in any environment, making it ideal for industries ranging from retail and food prep to hospitals and schools. Our HOCL alcohol free spray can be used around young children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

As well as being chemical and alcohol free, our HCOL alcohol free sanitizer is also non-corrosive, non-toxic, and a non-irritant. You can use it on your hands, skin, or virtually any other surface with no issues whatsoever. And because every bottle is made up fresh, on-site, on-demand, you’re always receiving the best product available.

There are many applications for our disinfectant and sanitizer products. For instance, you could place down automated dispensers (which we supply) around the workplace. You could set down a sanitizing tunnel outdoors (which we also supply). Or you could invest in any one of our other fantastic products, including face masks, oxygen regulators, and PPE kits.

Here at SHIELDme™, we recognize all-too-well the challenges posed by the “new normal.” With the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses and individuals throughout Dubai have had to adapt. With our HOCL alcohol free spray, adapting to this change needn’t be a struggle.

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Why Choose Our HOCL Alcohol Free Spray?

Why should you choose our HOCL alcohol free sanitizer? For starters, the entire formula is always being developed further, refining it to be the most effective product available. It’s grounded in scientific testing and improvement, so you know it’s both safe, and you’re assured of its efficacy. This is backed up further by the fact that our formula has received FDA, ISO, and EU certifications.

Such certifications should serve to demonstrate why ours is the only product you need to keep yourself, your family, customers, and employees safe. Developed to be of true public value, our all-natural disinfectant was designed for general use and global emergencies alike. If you would like to read more or access technical information, just click on our products page.

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