With the threat of Covid 19 likely to be prevalent around the world for a significant period of time, it is essential that homes within the UAE are protected. SHIELDme™ has developed a high-level disinfectant and organic hand sanitizer that can keep your home and your family safe from viruses and germs.

Natural Disinfectant Spray and Sanitizer Solutions

In the UAE, citizens are having to adapt to a new way of life, adhering to certain measures in public. With restrictions easing, families can protect themselves and their homes with the use of SHIELDme™ products. From hand sanitizer spray to a non-toxic disinfectant, we have solutions for your home.

Continue reading to discover how our 100% natural disinfectant and organic hand sanitizer can keep your home and your family free from the threat of viruses and germs. By using these solutions, you will be able to live comfortably in the “new normal”.

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SHIELDme 100ml-min

High Level Disinfectant & Sanitizer - 100ML Spray Type

Spray Type Sanitizer, Pocket size

100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS.

Perfect for Disinfecting Hands, Papers, Mobile, Laptops, PCs, Bags & all personal goods.

AED 19.00


SHIELDme 500ml-min

High Level Disinfectant & Sanitizer - 500ML

Effective in germs, bacteria, viruses and fungus prevention at 99.99%

100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS.

Safe for new born babies, pregnant women and pets.

AED 39.00 AED 35.10
SHIELDme 1L-min

High Level Disinfectant & Sanitizer - 1L

Effective in germs, bacteria, viruses and fungus prevention at 99.99%

100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS

Safe for new born babies, pregnant women and pets.

AED 59.00
SHIELDme 5L-min

High Level Disinfectant & Sanitizer - 5L

Neutral with pH and free of alcohol, fragrance and preservatives.

100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS

Safe for new born babies, pregnant women and pets.

AED 199.00
SHIELDme 250ml-min

High Level Disinfectant & Sanitizer - 250ML Spray Bottle

Effective in germs, bacteria, viruses and fungus prevention at 99.99%

100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS.

Safe for new born babies, pregnant women and pets.

AED 28.00

Disinfection Fogging Spray Machine

12 Liters Capacity & 10 Liters SHIELDme Natural Disinfectant

Benefits of Our Disinfectant







Deep Clean Your Property







The Best Disinfectant Spray Available For Your Home

SHIELDme™ has developed a range of products and technology that utilize our FDA-approved high-level disinfectant. It is more important than ever for individuals to maintain hygiene for both themselves and their homes. Global research has found that Covid 19 is spread by respiratory droplets, and one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread is cleaning your hands.

With the use of our safe hand sanitizer, you will be keeping viruses and other germs at bay. Unlike other traditional disinfectants, SHIELDme™ experts have developed a formula that does not contain a single trace of chemicals or alcohol. In fact, our high-level disinfectant is made up of super oxidized water and hypochlorous acid (HOCI). All of these natural elements ensure that the solution is safe for humans and the environment.

SHIELDme safe-min
KILLS 99.9% OF

Families with small children or pregnant women do not have to worry about any side effects from our non-toxic disinfectant as it is entirely safe. Despite the fact that there are no chemicals involved in the formula, it kills instantly 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, fungus, spores, yeast and other germs.

SHIELDme™ has integrated our non-corrosive, non-toxic disinfectant into a range of high-tech products that are suitable for various industries. Schools, stores, gym facilities, hotels, restaurants and mosques are all implementing measures to help prevent the spread of Covid 19. As a result, UAE citizens are having to adapt to the ways in which they function daily.

At home, families can take full advantage of our natural disinfectant spray and natural disinfectant wipes, as well as our organic hand sanitizer. We provide bottles of the solution, which are ideal for your home.

With regards to our more advanced technologies, SHIELDme™ has also developed the following products:

Sanitizing Tunnels

Automatic Hand Sanitizers

Disinfectant Foggers

Medical Face Shields

Disposable Examination Nitrile Gloves

Emergency PPE Kit

Introduce Natural Disinfectant Spray to Your Cleaning Routine

Hygiene is incredibly important in general, but in this current climate, it is that much more essential. Given that the world is battling a disease that cannot be seen, it is imperative that your home is protected from viruses and germs. SHIELDme™ products will go a long way to maintaining a health and safe space for yourself and your family.

In the UAE, citizens can get their hands on our all natural disinfectant in bottled form. They come in a variety of sizes, enabling you to select the appropriate amount for your property. Whether you want to purchase a single item or in bulk, we can accommodate. It is advisable that you regularly spray the non-toxic disinfectant on furniture, door handles and staircases.

Due to the formula’s ability to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in seconds, it would be beneficial for you to include the substance within your cleaning routine. When you are deep cleaning your home, our eco-friendly disinfectant will eradicate any germs from your carpets and other flooring. Plus, our natural disinfectant wipes are ideal for cleaning smaller surfaces and objects, such as computer keyboards and small shelves.

As mentioned, keeping your hands clean is a proven way to prevent spreading the virus. For families in the United Arab Emirates, it is advisable that you have SHIELDme™ sanitizer spray in your home. That way, everyone in your household will be able to sanitize their hands frequently over the course of the day.

Given that some restrictions have been eased across the country, your family members will be coming in and out of the home, making it that much more important to keep hands clean. With our non-toxic disinfectant and safe hand sanitizer, your property will be in a much safer state during the pandemic.

Face Protection for Outdoor Use

Various industries across the UAE will benefit from the technology created by SHIELDme™ as they try to get their businesses back up and running. For families within the region, we also have products that will help protect you from the threat of Covid 19. As mentioned, the virus is spread via respiratory droplets, therefore, wearing face protection will prevent yourself from breathing in these airborne germs. It will also protect others from catching any droplets that may have come from you coughing or sneezing.

When yourself and your family leave your home, it is advised that you wear face protection, and SHIELDme™ has a range that are incredibly effective. Our experts have manufactured a range of disposable face masks that have been created using high quality materials. With high filtration efficiency and low breathing resistance, your family can continue their day comfortably knowing that they are protected.

Our experts at SHIELDme™ have developed multiple forms of face protection, including KN95 filtering face piece respirators. These particular face coverings are designed to protect from oil-based particles, such as viruses and air pollution. The features of the respirators are listed below:

  • Environmental Non-Woven Fabric
  • Antibacterial Meltblown Filter Material
  • Double Layer Antibacterial Meltblown
  • Recommended by Health Authorities

With industries beginning to re-open in the UAE, it is important for yourself and your family to take all necessary measures to maintain your health and safety.

Extra Measures to Take on Board

There is no doubt that SHIELDme™ high-level disinfectant and our organic hand sanitizer will go a long way in keeping your family home protected from harmful viruses and bacteria. However, there are additional measures that you can take when leaving the house.

As mentioned, face protection is suitable for occasions in which you visit your family or go to public spaces. You should also stand 2 meters away from any individual that is not part of your immediate household, if possible. With regards to communal prayer, mosques have implemented their own social distancing rules to maintain safety in your place of worship.

By adapting to these measures and taking additional steps to protect yourself, your family and your home, you will be able to live comfortably in the “new normal”. SHIELDme™ has developed a safe formula and products that are designed to help the UAE function during these unprecedented times.