Make your Mosque ready for prayer

One of the most difficult aspects of losing daily routines during the Covid 19 outbreak is the inability to visit your place of worship. In the UAE, followers of Islam have had to stay away from their mosques on government guidance, but as restrictions ease, we here at SHIELDme have disinfectant and sanitizing solutions to assist in mosques re-opening.

All Natural Disinfectant and Safe Hand Sanitizer

Congregational prayer in the UAE has had to take a back seat to halt the spread of Covid 19. However, with SHIELDme’s revolutionary formula, we can help mosques re-open safely. Our non-toxic disinfectant and organic hand sanitizer will help keep your mosques virus-free and your worshippers safe.

Read on to find out more information about how our all natural disinfectant will go a long way in maintaining the hygiene of mosques and other places of worship. Our high-level disinfectant is 100% natural and kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and other germs in less than 1 minute.

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Covid 19 Mosque Re-opening Guidelines

For Muslims across the UAE and the wider world, lockdown restrictions have affected their ability to visit mosques with their fellow worshippers. With Covid 19 still prevalent around the world, special measures have to be taken when re-opening certain aspects of society. When it comes to places of worship, measures differ, but SHIELDme’s eco friendly disinfectant can be used by all.

What makes this particular strong disinfectant stand out is that it does not contain any alcohol or chemicals. A formula of super oxidized water and hypochlorous acid (HOCI) provides a non-corrosive, non-toxic disinfectant that destroys 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, fungus, spores and other germs. It is 100% natural, which means that it will not cause harm to anyone, including children and pregnant women.

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KILLS 99.9% OF
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Our technology is an alternative to traditional disinfecting and sterilizing methods, providing industries and places of worship with expert products to maintain safe spaces. Our experts at SHIELDme have developed an array of products and equipment that contain our natural disinfectant and sanitizer spray.

For mosque leaders across the UAE, implementing these products into your Covid 19 mosque re-opening guidelines will be hugely beneficial.

To protect your place of worship as well as your congregation, SHIELDme boasts a range of safe equipment. Our experts have covered all bases to ensure that life and prayer can return to a new way of normal. Rest assured that all Imams and worshippers can safely use our strong disinfectant without fear of compromising their health.

From natural disinfectant wipes to organic hand sanitizer, we provide essential items, but we have also developed high-tech products, including the following:

Sanitizing Tunnels

Medical Face Shields

KN95 Filtering Face Piece Respirators

Powered Air Purifying Respirators

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser

Automatic Hand Sanitizers

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Hand Sanitizer and Temperature Checks for Worshippers

Muslims returning to their mosques in the UAE will swiftly notice that slight changes have been made to reduce the risk of infection. It is advisable for places of worship to consider introducing separate entrances and exits if it allows, avoiding the risk of people congregating in one area. A one-way system would also be beneficial, and for the time being it is advisable that mosques close the Wudhu area and toilets, except for one for emergency reasons.

During pre-prayer, screening measures can be implemented thanks to the expertise of SHIELDme. Our SHIELDme Tower consists of an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser and a touchless temperature measurement device. By implementing this system outside the mosque, worshippers will be able to use the organic hand sanitizer as well as check their temperature.

One of the symptoms of Covid 19 is a fever, so with this helpful piece of technology, worshippers will be able to check their temperature before entering the mosque. If a person is found to have a fever, then it is advisable that they leave the premises and begin self-isolation. Implementing this screening process will protect healthy worshippers, allowing them to feel confident in prayer.

Having clean hands is crucial in helping reduce the spread of Covid 19, and with SHIELDme’s automatic dispenser, worshippers can apply safe hand sanitizer before entering the mosque. The organic hand sanitizer will not cause any irritation as there are zero chemicals within the formula and all UAE residents are able to use it as it’s alcohol-free.

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A Disinfecting Fogger Will Keep Mosques Clean Between Prayers

Our experts at SHIELDme have developed a wide range of products and equipment that are perfectly suited for an array of industries. Our high-level disinfectant and hand sanitizer spray can be bottled up, but our revolutionary formula is also included in some of our high-tech pieces, including a disinfectant fogger. This equipment is ideal for sanitizing large areas in quick time.

Many mosques in the UAE boast large rooms for prayer, so prior to worshippers arriving, you can apply our non-toxic disinfectant to the flooring, as well as door handles and staircases. Our disinfectant fogger has a unique hose that can swing in all angles to allow for complete coverage. What makes this particular piece of equipment stand out is that our natural disinfectant spray can cover large areas in a short space of time.

A disinfectant fogger can be part of your deep cleaning process, providing a virus-free space for prayer. It is important that your congregation feels comfortable, and by enlisting products from SHIELDme, you can provide them with extra peace of mind. As well as spraying the best disinfectant available in the UAE, our foggers boast the following features:

  • 5 Liter Tank Capacity
  • 6-8 Meter Spraying Distance
  • Rotating Sprayer
  • Air Pressure Auto-Locking Spray Head
  • High Speed Spraying
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Additional Measures to Ensure Safety

Our experts at SHIELDme have developed a vast array of equipment that utilizes our high-level disinfectant and organic hand sanitizer in the best possible way. However, there are additional measures that individual places of worship can take to ensure safety for leaders, volunteers and worshippers.

For example, mosques in the UAE can provide face protection for volunteers and leaders, and natural disinfectant wipes for worshippers. It would be advisable for worshippers to bring their own prayer mat and re-usable shoe bag to avoid using the racks. With regards to donations, consider using contactless payment methods as opposed to handling money.

During prayer, implement the 2-meter social distancing rule, leaving an empty row behind each row of worshippers. You should also aim to keep khutba short and encourage the congregation to practice sunnah prayer at home. Between congregations, give yourself enough time to use SHIELDme’s high-level disinfectant to clean the area.

All of these measures, as well as the introduction of various SHIELDme products, will allow places of worship to welcome back communities in a safe and healthy way.