Organic Hand Sanitizer

Are you currently based in the UAE and you’re on the lookout for an effective organic hand sanitizer that anyone can use with no skin irritation?

Look no further, as SHIELDme is here to help with our all-natural solution that’s perfect for your requirements. We’re always here to help, so e-mail us at any time at

The Only Certifiably Organic Sanitizer in the United Arab Emirates

Welcome to SHIELDme, where we’re very proud of the fact that many managers of commercial, medical, and educational establishments in the UAE have switched over to our organic hand sanitizer, which is completely natural and therefore unique on the market.

This patented organic sanitizer is versatile – it can easily be used on its own in gel form or alongside our other excellent products. Some of the complementary products we offer include sanitizing tunnels, electric foggers, and protection kits, just to name a few.

With our organic hand gel, you can be certain that no harmful chemicals or alcohol will be found within the ingredients list. Our company believes in providing a safe and eco-friendly solution for everyone. People with sensitive skin, young children, and the elderly can all use our products with complete peace of mind as it’s an accredited non-irritant.

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An Organic Hand Sanitizer That Really Stands Out

So, what makes our organic hand sanitizer different from the rest of the products that you may find on the market? For starters, our solution utilizes oxidized water and hypochlorous acid instead of alcohol and the standard chemicals found in common cleaning products.

Because HOCl is produced by our bodies naturally anyway, anyone can use the gel without having to worry about irritation, dryness, or other negative side effects – there simply won’t be any. If you want to test the solution out before you order a big quantity, get in touch with our team and we’ll facilitate your request.

Many people place an order for one or multiple of our wall-mounted dispensers to go along with the sanitizing gel and make the process as easy as possible for everyone at the premises. We recommend a minimum of two units for your property but larger establishments should consider setting up the dispensers throughout the corridors.

If you’d like to find out more about the solution, the dispensers or our other fantastic products, then our easily navigable website has a great selection of brochures and guides available.

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Reasons to Choose Our Organic Hand Gel Over the Alternatives

Sometimes referred to by the acronym HOCl, hypochlorous acid has gotten several internationally accredited approvals from the relevant industry bodies. This includes ISO, FDA, and EU certifications that are only given to products of truly high quality, so you know that you’re getting the best of the best with SHIELDme.

The organic hand sanitizer and complementary product selection were initially created to help people deal with the COVID-19 pandemic effectively in the United Arab Emirates. A lot of our clients have told us that they plan on implementing our products into their cleaning procedures permanently, which makes us very proud as a customer-centric team that will always go the extra mile in order to facilitate a client request.

Ours is the finest organic hand gel available on the market. Some of the additional products that you may want to consider for your premises include:

  • Automatic Wall-Mounted Dispensers
  • Electric Cold Foggers for Sanitizing Large Areas Quickly in One Go
  • PPE Protection Kits for Your Staff Members
  • Sanitizing Tunnels for Your Entrance
KILLS 99.9% OF
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Reach Out and Order Our Organic Hand Sanitizer

Place an order for SHIELDme’s organic hand sanitizer at your earliest convenience by e-mailing – we look forward to hearing from you soon.