Organic Safe Disinfectant

Citizens and Residents of the United Arab Emirates have had to endure some significant lifestyle changes since the outbreak of COVID-19 in order to keep safe.

Business and home owners alike have implemented strict new cleaning routines to ensure that their building meets the required hygiene standards. To help make these changes easier, we at SHIELDme have developed an organic, safe disinfectant. You can learn more about our sanitizer by emailing us at

The Best All-Natural Sanitizing Formula

Here at SHIELDme, we’ve been busy developing a range of new and useful sanitization products since the outbreak of COVID-19. Our aim is to provide citizens of the United Arab Emirates with the best sanitization products on the market. It is for this reason that we’ve developed our organic, safe disinfectant, which is 100% natural and eco-friendly

Our team are determined to provide citizens of the UAE with the best sanitization solutions available. We have continued to innovate during the pandemic period to develop an impressive range of disinfectant equipment. Sanitizing tunnels, disinfectant foggers, sanitizing spray, and more, all take advantage of our highly effective organic formula.

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An Organic, Safe Disinfectant Suitable for All to Use

One of the most effective ways in which citizens of the UAE can avoid transmitting COVID-19 is by washing their hands frequently. However, this may be challenging to do in practise as there is not always access to soap and sinks. To combat this, we at SHIELDme have developed an all-natural sanitizing formula that is of high strength.

Our experts have mixed the all-natural components of super oxidized water and hypochlorous acid to create a formula that can instantly kill up to 99.9% of bacteria. This solution is non-corrosive and non-toxic, so it will not cause any unwanted side effects, such as skin irritation. This means that our organic, safe disinfectant is suitable for anyone to use, including those in vulnerable categories, such as pregnant women, children, and the elderly.

Our all-natural sanitizing formula is used in much of our disinfectant equipment to ensure maximum effectiveness. The solution will be dispensed as a gel, vapor, or spray, depending on what product you are using. The versatility of our solution is what makes it the best option available for UAE businesses and homes alike.

There are several benefits to our organic, safe disinfectant that makes it the best sanitization product on the market. Some of these advantages include:

  • No Added Chemicals
  • Safe for Human Use
  • No Skin Irritation
  • All-Natural Components
  • Kills Bacteria Quickly

Why Choose Us for Sanitization Solutions

At SHIELDme, our main concern is the safety of UAE citizens, which is why we make sure that all of our products are of the highest quality. We only use the finest materials and components when creating our sanitizing products, including our organic, safe disinfectant. Our team make sure to check all of our equipment thoroughly to ensure that it is of a high standard before shipping it to clients.

As well as our excellent range of sanitization solutions and disinfectant equipment, we at SHIELDme have also developed a number of protective products. To reduce the chances of harmful bacteria entering your system through vulnerable areas, we have produced disposable gloves, PPE kits, face shields, and more. These items, when used often, will mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and other similar viruses.

KILLS 99.9% OF

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If you’d like to purchase our organic, safe disinfectant, or find out more about its uses, then don’t hesitate to contact us at SHIELDme today! Our team are always willing to discuss our products and services in more detail, so be sure to reach out if you have any further questions. Send us an email now at, and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.