Automatic Dispenser

Automatic high level natural disinfectant dispenser

Failing to wash hands correctly contributes to foodborne illness outbreaks and also viral and bacterial transmission by touch.

ShieldMe Global’s automatic dispenser uses a mist-based aerator technology that ensures total cleaning of your hands. Being a high level disinfectant (HLD), it kills vegetative microorganisms, mycobacteria, lipid and non-lipid viruses, and fungal spores.

As it dispenses a fixed quantity of HLD each time, there is minimal wastage even when used by hundreds of people. ShieldMe Global’s automatic dispenser comes in a convenient size & design suitable for use in homes, workplaces, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, busy public places, railways, airports, etc.

You don’t have to press a button or apply physical pressure on the dispenser. Just place your hand under the nozzle and it will automatically mist HLD on your hand. Our initial point of contact with germs is often from hands. Unfortunately, not many people maintain basic hand hygiene. ShieldMe Global’s automatic HLD dispenser has no common contact point, so chances of passing germs from one person to another through contact are eliminated.

You will always know when it’s time to refill, thanks to a large window on the front. You can also opt for the compact tabletop version of ShieldMe Global automatic dispenser if you want.

Key features of ShieldMe Global’s automatic high level disinfectant dispenser:

  • No hand-touching, auto-dispensing through the proximity sensor
  • High-level disinfectant and sanitizer
  • Dispenses a standard quantity of 100% natural disinfectant
  • Contactless operation, so no chances of cross-contamination when used by many people
  • 1000 ml filling capacity, mist spray type
  • Provides you with a truly touchless experience

The inner bottle can be taken out for easy refilling and cleaning.