SHIELDme® 3-ply face masks are intended to cover the mouth and nose in order to minimize the chances of direct and cross-infection. These disposable 3 ply face masks are meant to prevent the spread of pathogens and germs through sneezing, cough and talks. The mask consists of three layers, the outer layer is waterproof and provides protection from dust and water splashes, the middle layer is a filtering layer, while the inner layer is skin-friendly that make SHIELDme® 3-ply face masks breathable and comfortable to wear.

SHIELDme® 3-ply face masks are lightweight and provide comfort and easy breathing while you go outside, in school, offices, home and move in public places. These are packed in a dust-free environment and sealed in sanitary plastic bags and wrapped in a sturdy box.

  • 50 pieces of disposable 3 ply face masks (CE) approved
  • Bacterial filter efficiency (BFE) of 99%
  • Latex-free and hypo-allergenic
  • High-filtration efficiency for protection in many environments
  • Low-breathing resistance
  • Provide effective protection against airborne particles
  • Protects your airways, reducing the chances of transmission and infection
  • Disposable, rest easy on your ears
  • High quality, comfortable and breathable masks
  • Mouth, chin and nose are covered
  • Meant for single use only
  • Latex-free elasticated loops to minimize allergic reactions
  • Provide protection against solids, water-based and oil-based aerosols
  • Manufactured from 3-ply, spun-bonded polypropylene, non-woven fabric
  • These are not medical grade masks