The highly effective SHIELDme® disinfecting fogger can be used on a wide range of areas to disinfect them. It can spray from 6 to 8 meters, allowing you to cover a wide area in a short time. You can use the disinfecting foggers in schools, offices, hotels, healthcare facilities, malls, public transport and homes to protect the people. SHIELDme® fogger is designed to efficiently sanitize all types of surfaces including floors, walls, and commercial, industrial and residential facilities.

The fogging machine uses the most advanced fogging technology available in the world. Just take your SHIELDme® fogger to the area to be disinfected, start the fogger and in no time, the machine generates fog. It is safe for use on surfaces, electronics, humans and pets.

  • Easy to use, plug-and-play
  • Unique hole design to swing to any angle
  • Instant switch on/off
  • High-efficiency and convenient
  • Rotating sprayer without any blocking
  • Safe to use on hard and soft surfaces
  • Air-pressure auto-blocking spray head to prevent leakage
  • High efficiency saving that saves the solution and labor
  • Effective for use over a large range of organisms at very low concentration
  • High-speed spraying with high-power motor
  • Non-tainting and non-staining product
  • Compatible to use with SHIELDme® disinfecting liquid
  • Does not leave a toxic residue or bad odor after fumigation

Offer includes one fogging machine plus two pieces of 5 liters natural SHIELDme® disinfectant.