Wet wipes

Since all surfaces carry the risk of breeding harmful microorganisms, it is crucial to supply your healthcare staff with SHIELDme® disinfection wipes. These disposable disinfection wipes are ideal for use on high-touch surfaces in healthcare facilities, waiting rooms and general patient areas. As SHIELDme® wipes don’t produce aerosols like spray cleaners, they do not emit a mist or dust. So, these can be used safely around those with respiratory issues. The wipes offer a convenient solution for quick clean-ups. Food establishments can use SHIELDme® disinfection wipes on surfaces that come in contact with food such as dining tables.

Portable SHIELDme® disinfection wipes slip right into your purse and pocket, so have wipes within easy reach when you are traveling. While the wipes shouldn’t be used as a replacement for a full professional cleaning, these can be used to quickly clean up minor messes and spills in healthcare facilities, offices, schools restaurants and homes.

  • 100% natural disinfecting wipes
  • Decrease cross-contamination
  • Effective for single surface cleaning
  • Quickly cleans bacteria hot spots such as keyboards, light switches and phones
  • Pre-soaked wipes are appropriate to disinfectant near-patient surfaces and other high-touch surfaces
  • Can be used on a multitude of surfaces including office equipment, counters, sinks, etc. that come into contact with dirt, bacteria and grease
  • Light weight, travel-friendly and easy to use.
  • Bio-degradable and cause no harm to environment.
  • Always available at close hands for quick disinfection if there is a spill
  • Available in travel-size pack
  • Can be used in homes and cars to prevent the spread of microorganisms due to spills

Also available in life care disinfection package consisting of 10 disinfection wipes, 500 ml spray disinfectant and 80 disinfection wipes canister.