SHIELDme Kids Protective Face Shield Anti-Fog, Anti-Dust, Anti-Pollution
Boys (Brown)

4.50 AED

SHIELDme  Protective Face Shield Overall ergonomic design, Light Weight & Comfortable to wear. making it completely harmless on the skin and other surfaces

  • Anti Fog, Anti Impact & Anti Splatter.
  • Overall ergonomic design , Light Weight & Comfortable to wear.
  • Made of Polymer materials
  • Effectively prevent foreign body impact & liquid spatter.

4.50 AED

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Boys protective face shield

Keeps you and your loved ones safe

  • Easy to adjust head band and suitable for all kinds of head size.
  • Shieldme sanitizer, 100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS.
  • Effective in germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungus prevention at 99.999%
  • Safe for newborn babies, pregnant women, and pets.
  • It upgrades the air quality by cleaning all harmful elements 
  • Non Irritant- Non Corrosive- Non Flammable.
Boys protective face shield
  • Lenses are made of PET & Light transmittance material with high quality.
  • Alcohol Free – Non Chemical
  • Does not pollute air against other chemically made products., instead, it upgrades the air quality by cleaning all harmful elements and keeping it clean and safe to breath
  • Multi-use suitable for hands, all types of surfaces, Gym, office, home, and any place.
  • SHIELDme Disinfectants accredited & Certified from Most Reliable Laboratories Worldwide.
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