Safe Hand Sanitizer

Looking for a safe hand sanitizer that’s safe to use for even the most vulnerable groups of people?

Your search is over – SHIELDme is here to help with our all-natural sanitizing solution that is perfect for a variety of different applications. If you’re based within the UAE, you can place an order today by e-mailing

Our Increasingly Popular Safe Hand Solution and Associated Products

Are you the owner or manager of a commercial, educational, or medical establishment in the UAE and the recent COVID-19 pandemic has made you realize that your cleaning procedures and products need to be updated?

If that sounds exactly right, then you’ve come to the right place. Our patented, completely safe hand solution is incredibly versatile and is becoming a favorite among people all over the UAE. It can be used on its own or in tandem with our other products – sanitizing tunnels, wall dispensers, foggers, and many more.

Our safe sanitizer gel is completely natural, with no harmful chemicals or alcoholic ingredients used whatsoever. Not only that, it’s a certified non-irritant that can be used by all groups of people, even vulnerable ones, including elderly people, young children, and people with sensitive skin.

SHIELDme’s solution is made through our unique production process that’s grounded in ongoing scientific testing and the development of new improvements. Our safe sanitizer gel is produced fresh onsite by our dedicated team of experts who look forward to helping you take your establishment’s sanitization procedures to the next level.

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A Truly Safe Hand Sanitizer

Absolutely no unnatural chemicals or alcoholic ingredients have been used in the production process, which definitely isn’t the case if you look at alternative products that are oftentimes used for the same purpose.

Instead, our safe hand sanitizer utilizes oxidized water and hypochlorous acid. The latter is produced by our bodies naturally to effectively ward off infections and inflammations, so you can use our products with peace of mind, knowing that your clients, patients, or students won’t suffer any negative side effects.

A lot of people also end up purchasing one or multiple of our handy wall-mounted dispensers that have already been pre-filled with our solution. This makes safeguarding your property completely effortless as people can simply walk by, squeeze, and ensure that no bacteria spreads anywhere.

When it comes to restaurants, cafés, and other food establishments, it may be enough for one dispenser to be installed at the entrance and another one in the staff room. Larger busy areas, such as schools, hospitals, and hotels should consider having multiple units spread across the corridors to ensure that everyone can clean their hands throughout the day and stay safe.

The Most Reliable and Safe Sanitizer in the UAE

The key ingredient in our solution is hypochlorous acid, which has received multiple internationally accredited approvals from industry bodies, including ISO, FDA, and EU certifications. It has been determined to be completely safe for use as these accreditations aren’t simple to get and simply won’t be given to subpar products.

Our safe hand sanitizer was first created to help people effectively deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, but the SHIELDme team is very happy to announce that most of our customers have confirmed they plan on implementing our products to their cleaning regime permanently now. You therefore have nothing to lose and everything to gain from reaching out!

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Applications in the UAE

Our product is perfectly suitable for private homes and small commercial establishments as well as large work environments. More often than not, we get orders from the managers of:

  • Gyms, Pools, and Spas
  • Hospitals and Dental Offices
  • Hotels and Hostels
  • Malls and Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants and Cafés
  • Schools and Universities
  • Worship Areas

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