Sanitizing Fogger Manual


Before application, customer must read this instruction manual carefully. If any doubt, please contact dealer or our company directly. We are free from any accident due to improper operation.

  1. Application: The sprayer has the advantages of high efficiency, uniform droplet, long spray range, supporting with high-performance motor, stable performance, reliable and durable. It is specially applied for large area spraying operation of greenhouse. It can also be used for Public sanitation and disinfection, such as airports, docks, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, public transport, theaters, communities, entertainment. As well as food processing, pharmaceutical companies, animal husbandry industry’s Disinfection and sterilization, Health and epidemic prevention.
  2. Structure of product: Illustration shows brief structure.
  3. Warning
    1. NO direct spraying highly toxic pesticides, undiluted pesticides, banned pesticides and special chemicals. It should comply with the safety instructions provided by the pesticide manufacturers when treating of pesticides
    2. On security grounds, the chemical tank can not be added into inflammable and explosive, highly volatile special chemicals, such as gasoline gasoline, alcohol, phenylacetone etc. Can not add highly corrosive liquid, such as caustic soda solution, hydrochloric acid etc. In case of injury or fire and other major security incidents. (Warning: Keep the machine dry, wet hands are prohibited to operate the power switch, to avoid electric shock.)
    3. Warning signs to remind the worker should wear safely protection implements such as protective clothing, gloves, safety glasses and masks.
    4. The machine can only be operated by a person who is familiar with the performance and operation method of the machine , and has the knowledge of relevant safety operation, the following personnel operation is strictly prohibited:
      1. Children or the elderly
      2. Mental illness or sick deformed and weak people.
      3. Drinking or taking stimulants, narcotics man.

  1. Operation
    1. Preparation: plug into power; turn on the power switch to check the motor if running correctly; add the chemical after filtered with the filter funnel, tighten screw the tank lid.
    2. Power on: turn on the power switch (ON), adjust the spray volume to appropriate requirements, then start to spray.
    3. Power off: Raise the spray nozzle higher than chemical tank, turn OFF power switch, keeping 2-3 seconds. The purpose is to let the remaining liquid in the pipe reflux into the tank, to avoid the chemicals back up into the pipe and cause the motor moisture damage. Lastly turn off the adjusting nut, to prevent the chemical outflow when adding liquid next time.
    4. During the sprayer working, the high speed gas flow will cause the gun and pipe heating it is a normal phenomenon.
  2. Use Direction
    1. The supply voltage should match the machine’s requirements.
    2. Do not make the power wire knotted and pull off forced; Prevent breakage of wire core and circuit broken; Avoid the sharp objects to scratch the cable Insulation layer and cause leakage.
    3. Do not make the pipe folded and extruded, avoid the metal or other sharp objects puncture the pipe.
    4. Do not turn on and off power switch frequently; avoid damage the switch and motor. When there are abnormal sound or small during working, shut down immediately, cut off the power, and contact professional personnel to repair. If can not resolve the problem locally, please contact our company directly, non-professionals is strictly prohibited disassemble.
    5. If not using for long time under the high humidity environment or in hot and rainy season, it should always turn on for warm-up to eliminate humidity, prevent internal corrosion damage.
    6. If not using for long time, please keep in dry and cool place, do not let children play with the machine, to avoid danger.
    7. Keep the machine dry, wet hands are prohibited to operate the power switch, to avoid electric shock.
    8. When the machine is placed to add liquid chemical, avoid dumping, particular attention during transportation.
      After spraying the chemicals, please clean the machine with water. If spraying the herbicide, please add detergent to clean completely. When finish spraying, the sprayer should be clean and keep in a cool dry place to prevent direct sunshine and accelerated plastic aging.
  3. Technical Specification
Item No. KB-15003E KB-15002E
Tank Capacity 16L (4Gal) 12L (3Gal)
Packing Size 43x20x53cm 39x20x43cm
Net Weight 4.2 Kgs 3.5 Kgs
Gross Weight 5.0 Kgs 4.3 Kgs
Rated Voltage 220V/50Hz
Motor Power 1200W
Particle Size 0-50m (Adjustable)
Max Flow Rate 750 ML/min
Horizontal Coverage 5 to 6 Meter
Vertical Coverage 1.5 to 2 Meter

  1. Technical Specification
Problem Reasons Solutions
Fan not running.
  1. Power plug loosed poor contacted or power wire copper core broken.
  2. Power switch fault.
  3. Motor fault.
  4. Motor carbon brushrust or run out
  1. Check power plug, socket or power wire cord.
  2. Check or replace the power switch.
  3. Check and repair the motor.
  4. Check or replace the motor brush.
Machine run, no spray.
  1. Chemical tube or valve blocked.
  2. Chemical tube or tank inflatable tube folded.
  3. Chemical tube fell off.
  4. The air inlet blocked.
  1. Clean up or replace.
  2. Check and correct the chemical tube or tank inflatable tube.
  3. Reset the chemical tube.
  4. Clean up and clear the air inlet.
Intermittent spray, small spray.
  1. Chemical tube blocked..
  2. Chemical tube folded.
  3. Chemical tube damaged.
  4. Chemical tube fell off.
  1. Clean up the chemical tube.
  2. Correct the chemical tube.
  3. Replace the chemical tube.
  4. Reset the chemical tube.
Machine abnormal sounds.
  1. The air inlet blocked.
  2. Motor bearing damaged or carbon brush run out.
  1. Clean up and clear.
  2. Repair or replace the motor.
Poor atomization, spray nozzle dropping.
  1. Adjusting nut turned too large.
  2. The air inlet blocked.
  1. Turn down the adjusting nut.
  2. Clean up and clear.
Sprayer temperature too high.
  1. Continuous working too long.
  2. Supply voltage not match.
  3. The air inlet or outlet blocked.
  4. The motor seriously worn.
  1. Stop working for a while.
  2. Select reasonable voltage.
  3. Clean up and clear.
  4. Repair or replace the motor.