SHIELDme® is the 100% natural, high-level disinfectant that you need to be using as part of your cleaning regimen.

While you might be used to using chemical-based disinfectants, you’ve never used anything quite like SHIELDme® before. This incredible product destroys 99.99% of pathogens, including bacteria and viruses without the aid of chemicals. Instead, it uses Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) – a naturally-occurring element in our bodies, making this product non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-alcoholic, and a non-irritant. As such, it’s useful for a wide range of applications.

SHIELDme hospital-disinfectant


From pharmacies and clinics to large hospitals and research labs, cleanliness is essential for keeping staff and patients healthy.

The beauty of SHIELDme® is that it achieves truly outstanding results without the need to use potentially hazardous chemicals. This makes it an excellent choice for where patients are constantly present, but strict cleanliness must still be observed.

SHIELDme classroom-school-disinfectant


Schools can be a haven for germs, and it’s not uncommon for viral and bacterial illnesses to spread quickly, leaving students and employees off sick.

By using a high-level disinfectant like SHIELDme®, you’ll be protecting both staff and students from pathogens which can range from the common cold to more serious examples.

SHIELDme hotel-disinfectant


Hotels see a lot of footfall with thousands of guests using the rooms every single year.

This creates the perfect opportunity for pathogens to gain a foothold. It also presents the perfect opportunity to introduce SHIELDme® into your cleaning regimen. With SHIELDme®, your hotel will be one of the cleanest, most hygienic options around.

SHIELDme leisure-centre-disinfectant


As you’d expect, leisure centres can harbour a lot of nasty pathogens introduced and spread by users.

It’s almost impossible to prevent this outright, so the best solution is to eradicate these pathogens before they gain a foothold. This is where SHIELDme® comes in, as SHIELDme® is effective at combatting the most common pathogens found in leisure facilities.

SHIELDme mall-disinfectant


Consider the foot traffic that goes in and out of malls daily, and you don’t need to be a scientist or doctor to understand the extent of the pathogens present.

If not effectively controlled, malls can become a hotbed for illnesses. Fortunately, SHIELDme® disinfectant helps mitigate the danger thanks to its highly effective formula.

SHIELDme restaurant-disinfectant


When it comes to areas where food is prepared, it can be difficult finding a cleaner that’s effective while being non-toxic.

The last thing you want is to sterilise your worktops or restaurant tables only for diners to fall ill as a result of ingesting traces of the cleaner. With SHIELDme®, such issues won’t be a factor as it is completely safe to ingest while still eradicating 99.99% of pathogens.

SHIELDme public-transport-disinfectant

Public Transport

Whether you’re stepping on a bus, taxi, or train, it should be apparent that not everyone adheres to the same level of cleanliness.

Public transport can be a breeding ground for germs. While it’s impossible to keep public transport sterilised all the time, SHIELDme® will certainly help with reducing the risk to passengers and employees alike.

SHIELDme home-disinfectant


If you’re looking for an effective household cleaner, SHIELDme® is precisely what you should be looking to buy, especially if you have children or pets.

It’s 100% natural, non-toxic, and a non-irritant, making it ideal for cleaning down any surface in your home. And because it doesn’t impact air quality, you and your family will be safer and healthier for using it.

SHIELDme agricultural-disinfectant

Agriculture & Poultry

Raising livestock is a time-consuming process made harder by the reality of how devastating pathogens can be to the animals you’re rearing.

Your livestock could be quickly decimated by disease if pathogens can run rampant. But with SHIELDme®, you’ll have an effective tool in your arsenal to keep pathogens in check.

SHIELDme worship-area-disinfectant

Worship Areas

In places of worship, it’s common to find people gathering.

Whether for a ceremony, prayer, or a different reason entirely, such gatherings can introduce pathogens which can spread quickly among worshippers. As with other public spaces, SHIELDme® has been proven effective at controlling the spread of pathogens and eliminating them entirely.