About SHIELDme®


Company History

SHIELDme®, the long-trusted brand for sanitization and personal care has evolved and joined the hygiene revolution to become the leading provider of hygiene and cleanliness products such as disinfectants, cleaners, disinfection equipment, personal protection products and more. With global efficiency of clinical research and innovation, expertise in distribution, SHIELDme® aims to be the number 1 brand for community hygiene and prevention.

Our Mission

“To provide the assurance and confidence of health, hygiene and care in the constantly changing world and prepare the communities to fight against viruses, illness causing germs and bacteria.”

Be the most trusted brand for community hygiene health and comfort

Responsible and respected brand for everyday hygiene routine

To prepare and guard our cities and communities against unknown enemies of germs, viruses, and bacteria

Build robust resistance against the challenging changing environment


SHIELDme®  A brand you can, trust

Validation infuses confidence and at SHIELDme®, we endure for the customer’s confidence and trust in our products. Our quest for highest standards of quality and safety is on-going and we prepare well for future challenges, a step further with all the international certification (include UK allergy)

SHIELDme® Redefining protection and personal care in MENA Region

SHIELDme® Product Range is being distributed across MENA region and is creating and confidence among end users. With a very wide distribution network, flexible logistic planning, and supply chain efficiency, we can assure of seamless availability of stocks.

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Such versatility leads into the many applications for which SHIELDme® is perfectly suited for.