Benefits Of Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers That Provide You Longer-Lasting Protection Without Irritating Your Skin

The traditional alcohol-based hand sanitizers are giving way to alcohol-free hand sanitizer sprays as alcohol is known to sting and also dehydrate the skin over repeated use, causing irritation as alcohol bonds with certain nerve receptors. The smell of alcohol is unmistakable, and many people find it offensive. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain many chemicals such as esters which are added to the sanitizer to make the smell bearable for use. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers also become ineffective as soon as their concentration drops below a certain amount, for example, when it evaporates from your hand. The sanitizer provides protection only till you feel it on your hands, the protection also ends as soon as it evaporates. 

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can also pose serious threats when consumed accidentally, and can even cause poisoning in young children. These are also inflammable that increase the risk of getting fire at the storage area, or when used in hot areas, or in the manufacturing units where heat, fire and welds are used, such as metallurgy and fabrication plants. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can irritate skin and strip it of the natural and protective oils needed for healthy skincare. Some alcohol-based hand sanitizers use perfumes and chemical fragrances to enhance their smell. Moreover, many people would not like to use alcohol-free hand sanitizers due to religious reasons as well.

Alcohol-free hand sanitizers using natural ingredients

When you buy alcohol-free hand sanitizers for your sanitization and disinfection needs, you will not only be saved from skin dehydration but there will be no side effects such as irritation on your skin due to multiple uses. Alcohol-free hand sanitizer sprays, such as the ones provided by SHIELDme are manufactured using only natural ingredients that help maintain & improve skin condition and even moisturize dry hands. The benefit of SHIELDme hand sanitizer spray is that it uses natural ingredients and essential oils that allow anti-bacterial oils within them to permeate the skin, providing you with non-irritating, longer-lasting protection and deeper cleansing effects.

The benefits that you will get to buy alcohol-free hand sanitizer:

  • No alcohol, and does not dehydrate your skin
  • pH neutral, gentle, and non-irritating
  • Fast-acting, kills 99.99% germs, viruses, bacteria, and microbes
  • Effective in eliminating and controlling biofilm and its regrowth
  • Uses only natural ingredients, so alcohol-free hand sanitizers are safe to use on food
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic
  • Non-irritant and contains no bleach

Place the sanitizer at easily accessible places to encourage their usage

SHIELDme alcohol-free hand sanitizer sprays are produced fresh on demand and subjected to regular quality controls check for maximum efficiency and safety. You also need not prewash your hands when you buy alcohol-free hand sanitizers unless there is visible grime or dirt on your hands. Alcohol-free hand sanitizers are less expensive to manufacture per gallon of sanitizing solutions. Moreover, as alcohol-free hand sanitizers are usually foam-based, it encourages their use by children who are otherwise not usually inclined to use sanitizations. Place these alcohol-free hand sanitizer sprays at easily accessible places, such as at the doors of the washroom, kitchens, reception counter, alleyways, entrances and exits, etc. to encourage their easy and convenient use by all.

SHIELDme alcohol-free hand sanitizer sprays use super oxidized water plus Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) which is naturally formed in our bodies, and also declared safe for use as high level disinfectant by WHO (World Health Organization). SHIELDme alcohol-free hand sanitizer sprays and other sanitisation solutions are produced in specially designed and controlled production systems.

alcohol free hand sanitizers


SHIELDme has come up with a range of sanitization and disinfection solutions and products that include:

  • Multi-level, non-toxic surface disinfectant
  • Fruits & vegetables sanitizer kitchen package,
  • Life-care disinfection package,
  • Natural kids hand sanitizer spray,
  • SHIELD me school protection package,
  • Natural kids hand sanitizer spray
  • Portable disinfectant fogger spray
  • Anti-bacterial hand soap
  • Powder-free latex disposable gloves
  • Disposable protective suits
  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • Wall-mount automatic hand sanitizer spray
  • Face shield and face mask
  • Car, air, and elevator disinfection systems
  • Sanitizing tunnels, and more

You can buy alcohol-free hand sanitizer sprays and other disinfectant solutions for use in a variety of applications including households, schools, offices, public transport, healthcare, hotels, malls, restaurants, leisure, worship areas, and more.

All these SHIELDme Global disinfection and sanitization products can be purchased at attractive and discounted prices from the leading online retailers such as Kibsons, Zoom, Amazon, DNP, Lulu, Carrefour, and local stores near you.