SHIELDme® has ongoing quality control to reach maximum reliability, efficiency and safety of the product.

Our Accreditations

Hypochlorous acid got international accredited approvals in general such as ISO and EU for use in industry, including in food and beverage processing, surface disinfecting, and medical and dental applications.

Safety Assured

SHIELDme™ is:

  • pH neutral, gentle and non-irritating.
  • Effective in eliminating and controlling biofilm and its regrowth.
  • Fast-acting, instantly killing bacteria and viruses.
  • Disinfectant solution that is safe for use in all food environments.
  • A broad-spectrum, antimicrobial solution that supports safer production of food and beverages.
  • Testing shows pathogens have not developed resistance to SHIELDme™.
  • Subject to regular quality control checks.

Other Advantages

  • A total complete solution for all sterilisation requirements.
  • Enhanced microbial and biofilm control provides confidence that organizations are offering quality assured products and conforming with HACCP requirements.
  • Can be fogged at low concentrations to ensure cost-effective surface decontamination.
  • Easy and safe to apply, requiring no special handling procedures or safety equipment.
  • No harmful chemicals need to be stored, processed of disposed of post cleaning of the plant.
  • Non-flammmable & alcohol-free.
  • Non-irritant & contains no bleach.