Guard yourself against viral and bacterial infections and ensure long-lasting protection with alcohol-free hand sanitizers

The high concentration of alcohol in commercial hand sanitizers has long raised concerns among the users and healthcare community as its use causes skin irritation and dehydrates it. Another concern with alcohol-based hand sanitizers is their possible toxicity upon ingestion. Its inadvertent consumption can cause alcohol poisoning in children and adults. As such, caution should be exercised whenever children and chemicals share the same environment. Common side effects associated with alcohol-based hand sanitizers include dryness and cracking of the hand skin as the sanitizers strip the skin of its oils that retain moisture.

One possible drawback with alcohol-based hand sanitizing solutions is that they most often come in the form of foam. While the solution provides a pleasing experience to the users, it requires a special foaming machine in the dispenser, and converting from a non-foaming to a non-foaming or spray sanitizer could be cost-prohibitive as it would require new hardware to install. 

Hospitals and other facilities need to consult local fire authorities when planning the installation of alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Moreover, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are not recommended by leading healthcare organizations such as WHO (World Health Organization), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Alcohol-free hand sanitizers are increasing in use

As such, alcohol-free hand sanitizer sprays have got traction in the healthcare market. Besides being effective against the common cold and flu virus, alcohol-free hand sanitizer spray makes life easier for people who have to sanitize their hands a lot, like healthcare workers. Alcohol-free hand sanitizer spray is generally kinder on the skin as it contains ingredients that help in retaining your skin moisture. It is ideal for use in healthcare facilities where the staff has to sanitize their hands throughout the day. Alcohol-free hand sanitizer spray is also appropriate for use by those who would avoid using alcohol-based products due to religious reasons.

SHIELDme is the leading manufacturer of alcohol-free hand sanitizer sprays that use powerful replacements for the traditional sterilization processes. The products use only natural elements and have been proven to be safe by humans, including children and pregnant women. SHIELDme products are produced fresh, on-site, on-demand, and are environmentally safe.

Key benefits of SHIELDme alcohol-free hand sanitizer sprays:

  • Kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and germs within seconds of being applied. 
  • Spray based alcohol-free hand sanitizer
  • Leaves your hands feeling supple and soft after use
  • Contains no harsh chemicals, and preserves the natural barrier of your skin
  • Contains no alcohol, hence causes no allergic reactions or skin irritations
  • Does not stain surfaces or clothing
  • Pocket-friendly and portable to carry
  • Requires no special storage or handling equipment
  • Cost-effective sanitizing solutions

natural hand sanitizer

Wide applications of sanitizing sprays

If you work in a school, rehab center, manufacturing facility or correctional facility, SHIELDme alcohol-free hand sanitizer spray will provide you the most peace of mind and protection from any ingestion. If you work in a hospital or caregiving facility and are required to strictly abide by the FDA guidelines, you may need to go with alcohol-free hand sanitizer spray. In terms of budget, alcohol-free hand sanitizer sprays are less expensive compared to alcohol-based sanitizing foam solutions with more applications per gallon of the sanitizing solution. This becomes possible as alcohol-free hand sanitizer sprays add air to the solution, making it last for longer.

SHIELDme alcohol-free hand sanitizer sprays are appropriate for use in hotels, healthcare, education, public places, public transport, household, agriculture and poultry, and worship areas. When you buy natural hand sanitizers, you could be assured of their safety as the products are pH neutral, fast-acting and instantly kill germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, wild stains and molds. SHIELDme products are subject to regular quality control checks. These are non-inflammable, non-toxic, easy to safe and apply, and require no special handling procedures, storage, or safety handling equipment.

Complete range of sanitizing and disinfecting products

You can buy natural hand sanitizers and many more disinfecting and sanitizing products from SHIELDme that include surface disinfectants, foggers, antibacterial wipes, automatic dispensers, face masks and face shields, disposable protective suits, non-contact IR thermometers, powder-free latex disposable gloves, UV products, sanitizing solutions, and more. You can buy natural hand sanitizers and other SHIELDme Global products from the leading online and retail stores near me, including Amazon, Emarat, ENOC, Boots, Aster Pharmacy, Kibsons, and more.