SHIELDme Antibacterial Handwash Liquid Soap, Aurora


16.00 AED

SHIELDme Hand Wash finest fragrance gives you maximum germ protection with a luxury touch keeping your hands clean, moisturized, and soft. Keeps you and your loved ones healthy and hygienic. Antibacterial Organic Hand wash is a personal hygiene product designed to clean hands while effectively eliminating harmful bacteria and virus. 

The goodness of antibacterial organic Neem and healing tender turmeric in one pack, the goodness of nature for nurtured skin.

  • Replenishes the skin with the right balance of Vitamin E & Vitamin B5
  • Laden with healing herbs and rich ingredients from Mother Nature.
  • Restores dead skin and frees it from deep-rooted bacteria.
  • Recommended for sensitive skin types.

16.00 AED

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ShieldMe Aurora Hand Wash for Babies 500ML
When your senses fall in love
  • Free of Paraben
  • Free of TCC & Triclosan
  • Vitamin E & pro Vitamin B5
Antibacterial handwash
  • Press nozzle gently to get SHIELDme Handwash on wet hands
  • Scrub thoroughly and rinse with water
  • Store in room temperature
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